• Why Choose Sappo?

    Sappo School is one of the leading Independent Private Schools on Long Island today. We are the forerunners in the movement toward educational reform and academic excellence. Over the past decades, Sappo has served Long Island families by providing both a safe and motivational learning environment for each and every child.

    Well-known and respected by top professionals in the child health care field, Sappo applies the latest scientific research to the curricula. As founders of SHAPE (Sappo’s Holistic Approach and Procedures in Education) Strategies, Sappo has been successful in changing the way children learn.

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  • Educative Holism Blog

    • Students Use Linear Equations to Determine Profit for “The Shona Women of the Congo”

      November 14, 2016

      As students in Mrs. Yodice’s Pre-Algebra class watched a video showcasing “The Shona Women of the Congo” the room went silent. The Shona Women, a group of four innovative, hardworking women, are known for their incredible story of perseverance and overcoming hardship through their handcrafted goods, including bags and clothing. “Purchases and donations have empowered them to buy their own land, build their own homes, provide for their own children…

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    • PLTW Computer Science Students Learn About Sound

      October 20, 2016

      Last week, our PLTW - Project Lead The Way Students learned about physical, digital, and editing sound. Students also learned about mammalian hearing, vibration, wavelength, frequency and amplitude. Students then enjoyed examining the spectrogram, singing into audacity software with a microphone, and recording their favorite songs before editing them. "PLTW Computer Science empowers students in grades 9-12 to become creators, instead of merely consumers, of the technology all around them.…

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    • Students Perform Perch Fish Dissections

      October 20, 2016

      As fourth, fifth and sixth graders button up their lab coats and put on their surgical gloves, Mr. Eterno sets the scene for what will be the first dissection most students will witness on their educational journey. Once everything is in place and all of the “student scientists” are prepared, everyone gathers around the table to begin. Students are performing dissections on perch fish in an effort to become more…

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  • Student Of The Year Earns Sappo Award

    Kai Huang has earned the title of Student of the Year in a ceremony in which he received the Sappo Award. This award is given to the student who has consistently presented qualities that exemplify what it means to be a Sappo student. Kai sets a fine example for all students to follow.

  • Student of the Month

    Congratulations to Ben Huang. He was selected as the June student of the month.

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