12th Grader Expresses His View of Sappo School

When I meet with students throughout the day, they often share feelings of deep appreciation for our school. Over the holiday break, notes and letters from parents reminded me that the work we do is so vital to the success of our students. One of our 12th graders took advantage of an opportunity to express his views of Sappo School and his philosophy on learning. Here are some excerpts of what he wrote:

“Through all my years of education, I have learned many things. Among these, students must be reached! Grades should not be determined by IQ, they should have more to do with effort and ambition. Each person has his own individual learning style which, if understood by the teacher, will highly benefit the student. I believe Sappo School does this better than most schools. You can see that the students here really connect with their teachers on a more personal level, which makes them more comfortable and attentive.​.​.​The more time I have spent here, the more I have been improving my own life.​.​.​I have a job lined up with the Town of Brookhaven. I was so well liked last season, they even guaranteed me a better position for next season. I feel more comfortable to be myself and not have to deal with the many distractions I used to have.

.​.​.​Attending Sappo will help me achieve my main goals. Aspects of my life I have been working toward attaining and improving include.​.​.​a healthy lifestyle which would mean going to the gym, eating healthier, and improving my sleep pattern. Being healthy is so important because you have more energy for all tasks and it supports a generally positive attitude.​.​.​I love what this school has to offer. Everyone here is so nice, smart and nonjudgmental.​.​.​I can’t wait to continue my education here and see what the future holds.​”

We are very proud of Ben and know that he will have a truly successful and satisfying future. He is a young man who appreciates what others do for him and takes this to the next level, which is actively doing for others. Ben is an avid participate in his community who has done so much to benefit those around him. He has worked with foster children in a program called “Every Child’s Dream,​” among other things. Ben says, “Giving a helping hand is really so important and underrated. Anyone who does it knows just how rewarding it can be. Through my interactions with those I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, I’ve learned that the greatest benefit of helping others is often our own.​”

I agree with you, Ben!

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