A Great Debate

blog 37On February 5, Mrs. Yoches’ Spanish classes left behind their classroom in Commack to explore the landscapes of Latin America!

A number of pressing environmental issues are presently plaguing these landscapes, which may seem distant to us, but ,​in actuality, are not so far away. The Rain forests are being dissolved in Brazil. Oil spills are poisoning the waters of Venezuela and air pollution is choking the people of Mexico City.

In groups, Mrs. Yoches’ students discussed and debated ways to lessen the impact that these environmental ills have on society.

All of the teachers and students at Sappo School then had the privilege of hearing the results of their hard work and research in the form of debate presentations. Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Ferrannini, Mrs. Ruggiero, Mr Sauer, Dr. Katz and their classes heard evidence presented by Mrs. Yoches’ teams of just how relevant these problems are to Latin America and to us. Then, they served as judges, grading each presentation.

Ribbons were awarded to the teams in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Honorable mentions, team leaders and MVP’s were also named based on grading criteria and student input into each presentation. The winners were rewarded with a yummy Latin American ice cream treat.

The lesson was intended to have everyone walk away with the knowledge that what we do to our planet, no matter where we are, impacts us all. It is our collective responsibility to keep it clean, safe and beautiful for all mankind.

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