Club Feature: Student Government

IMG_4419As students are settling into their homeroom classes, voices of their classmates begin to echo over the intercom with morning announcements – a new staple at Sappo School. Announcements are everything from friendly reminders to information about up and coming field trips.

For our international students, the morning announcements are then repeated in Chinese, a course of action that appears to interest each and every student, international or not. Student Government students began announcements last week and it’s quickly become routine nature for ears to perk up and students and teachers alike to enjoy our new morning ritual.

In an interest to learn more about the Student Government club, I sat in on their Tuesday afternoon meeting this week. Seated in a circle, students conversed about the up and coming bake sale and their plan to construct an effective game plan.

IMG_4404Mrs. Ruggiero participated and rallied students as she encouraged the President, Jeannie McDonald, to delegate tasks and devise a game plan.

The group dynamic was notable and students appeared contented interacting with one another. Each student performs a specific, inimitable role, and regardless of rank, students work with one another in an amicable manner.

Current members include: Tina, Michael, Nicholas, Jeannie, Kevin, Coby, Cindy, Ray and Ethan. Stay tuned for an array of events and announcements from our Sappo School leaders!




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