Coming Attraction: Debate Day

This Friday, students in all of Mrs. Yoches’ Spanish classes will research, write and debate in an open compettion to persuade their peers of the biggest environmental concern in Latin America today.

Competing in cooperative research groups, each team must create a visual aid (i.​e. PowerPoint, drawings, diagrams, pictures) outlining the problem ans telling clearly why it is the greatest threat to Latin America today and state how they would solve this issue.

In addition, a committee of teachers will determine which issue was presented as the most troubling and, of course, the most convincing group from each class, as determined by their peers, will be rewarded with food!

Students will choose from the following: Air Pollution in Mexico City, Destruction of the Rainforest in Brazil or Oil-Related Pollution in Venezuela. The competition is this Friday, January 30. Check back for highlights!

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