Fun at Sergio’s Restaurant!

Well over 90 persons showed up at our Chinese Auction and Dinner this past Tuesday. This was an extremely successful event and lots of fun, especially for those who won prizes and baskets.

As they scanned the 50 baskets, parents and guests were heard saying, “These are the nicest baskets I have ever seen!​” One father stated “I go to school fundraisers regularly, and they are not like this! It’s so well presented!​” Two of our guests shared their feelings about the positive mood among all the parents who “seemed so happy about what the school is doing for their children.​” Parents shared happy experiences of the progress their own children were making. One mom and dad told us “We have our little girl back!​” Another told us that “strong and upbuilding relationships between parents and teachers were evident throughout the evening”.

We depend on fundraisers to keep our school going and all of you who supported this event share in its success. Many of you who could not be there gave whole hearted support by your donations. We thank you all!

A special thanks goes to Mrs. Shelton, President of our Parent-Teacher Organization, for the countless hours she tirelessly devoted to this cause. The wonderful parents who came to the school to work on these baskets include Mrs. Bingham, Mrs. Schwartz, Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Pena, and Mr. and Mrs. Wichrowski. Thank you all!

Please remember our dear benefactor, Michael of Sergio’s Restaurant, who did this for us for the second year in a row for NO CHARGE whatsoever! This was a great sacrifice to him because he could not serve his usual patrons because of us. He carried the cost of paying his staff out of his own pocket. Let him know how much we appreciate his dedication to our school and your children by dining with him at Sergio’s!​! Just tell him Sappo School sent you and bon appetite!

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