Graduation 2015: Poetry Corner: Part 1

The Sappo School Graduation and Award Ceremony included a number of terrific ORIGINAL poems read by our students. All of the poems were composed by the students themselves in Mrs. Nicole Ruggiero’s English classes. First up is “What the Heart Wants” by Kasey Garcia.

The quote, “The heart wants what it wants” is wrong.
The heart seeks love and falls easily, even for the wrong people.
The heart is selfish. The heart is self-conscious.
The heart is unwise. The heart is painful.
But most of all, the heart is a traitor.
The brain is smarter.
The brain thinks about what it does before it does it.
The brain knows what is right and what is wrong.
The brain has a conscience.
The brain is like a machine.
When you’re doing right, it shines green saying “GO AHEAD”
When you’re thinking about doing bad things,
It shines red saying “STOP RIGHT THERE. DON”T CROSS”
When you do bad things, you don’t have a conscience anymore.
Your brain still shines red but it doesn’t warn you.
Because it’s used to the bad things because of the heart. The heart is damaged.
Like my mother said one September morning,
“People say if you listen to your heart, it will lead you to the right path.​” But that’s not right.
Your heart hurts because you want it to.
Your heart can be influenced to do bad things.
But if you listen to your brain, it makes good decisions.
The heart wants what it wants is wrong.

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