How To Pay For College? Sappo Upperclassmen Discuss Options For College Funding

college%20boundWith college tuition rates more astronomical than ever, Sappo upperclassmen are discovering new ways to fund their education without paying out of pocket.

Mrs. Planz, College and Careers teacher, explains that students should apply for scholarships, grants and FAFSA – even if they’re unsure of the outcome. After learning how to properly construct a college essay, students participated in a “question and answer” session in an effort to explore funding options.

Mrs. Planz introduced students to FAFSA, various grants and scholarship options. Utilizing her own personal collegiate financing experience, she assured students not to choose a college based solely on tuition costs, but rather a diversified range of factors.

After their lesson, students workshopped in small groups completing a “writing web” exercise – which highlighted the inspirational (and motivational forces) behind the student’s chosen careers. Selected upperclassmen then shared their stories with the class – many of them pulling inspiration from family members and experiential skills.

It was truly encouraging to hear the stories of parents who lived years in poverty before harnessing their business & financial skills to found large-scale, successful international companies. Students’ eyes lit up as they relayed stories of their parents’ career choices, and how they hoped to someday follow in their footsteps.

Mrs. Planz explained that students would have the opportunity to interview professionals in their chosen profession in the upcoming weeks. Homework assignments included discussing financing goals with parents, and looking into financial aid options.

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