Letter from a Parent

“Words cannot express how delighted I am with Adam’s progress this year. His vocabulary has increased tremendously. I have seen a positive change in his behavior, his ability and attitude. He now can concentrate and play video games and build with legos by carefully following the step by step directions.

He is up at 6a – with a smile – gets his uniform on. In September, I would pick him up at Tutor Time and find him sitting alone playing with his transformers. Now he is busy interacting with the other children – playing games and sharing his toys. He is a different child. The change has been noted by others: his mother, uncle and aunt and close adult relatives and friends.

He is enthusiastic about his school and his friends. He questions me: “what technology” did you have when you were little” (horrified that I didn’t have a DVD), “Do you know who that man is on the money” (he explained that George Washington was our first president), and “Was Pluto a planet when you were little”?

This school year has been so positive for Adam – he is moving forward in so many ways. At this time last year, I was beside myself with worry, watching him regress academically and socially at school and home.

I am hoping to come to the Monday meeting with Adam’s mother, but I am trying to figure out how. Adam has religion at the same time. With his communion coming up, I do not want him to miss his class. I am trying to find someone who can take him to class.

Thank you so much for all your efforts.
AD and JM”

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