Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of what is offered to our students at Sappo School, along with a strong academic program. These activities foster growth in children by stimulating new ideas, relationships, and ways of thinking both independently and in groups. Excellent lessons to be learned include a strong sense of leadership, personal accomplishment, and team building, in support of the active and full life of the successful adult each student can become.

Active clubs and committees students have enjoyed at Sappo include:

  •    Student Government
  •    Peer Tutoring and Mentorship Committee
  •    Technology Club
  •    Photography Club
  •    Digital Photography Club
  •    Book Club
  •    Italian Club
  •    Anti-Bully Committee
  •    Comparative Culture Club
  •    Yearbook Committee
  •    SAT Prep: Math
  •    SAT Prep: English
  •    Basketball
  •    Volleyball
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