Does your child feel overly stressed about attending school, yet is fine when at home? Perhaps you find that he becomes particularly anxious before tests, despite adequate preparation. Or, does your child suffer from a more general sense of fear that permeates a normal, daily routine, keeping him in a, keeping him in a constant state of vigilance? Whether your child is suffering from Generalized Anxiety or a more specific type of anxiety, such as Social or School Phobia, results are the same. As a parent, or educator, you are not alone in your search for answers.

According to the Anxiety Association of America, “Anxiety Disorders are the most common psychiatric illnesses affecting both children and adults.” Children who suffer from anxiety may exhibit certain behaviors, including:

  • Feeling overly stressed about attending school, yet is fine when at home
  • Feelings of anxiety prior to taking tests, despite adequate preparation
  • A sense of fear that permeates a normal daily routine, keeping the student in a constant state of vigilance

These may be signs of Generalized Anxiety or a more specific type of anxiety, including Social or School Phobia. Sappo School recognizes that heightened anxiety impairs learning and that the role of educator is key to providing relief and coping mechanisms the student needs to function both in and outside of the classroom.

When stimulating learning, it is easy for parents and educators to provide “extremely intense motivation that produces high anxiety…” (Elliott, Kratochwill, Littlefield, and Travers, 1996). Sappo educators work with parents to enhance and stimulate learning by providing balanced motivational techniques. “Inspire, not pressure,” is what Sappo believes. “Schools can either inhibit learning or inspire students to learn. We consciously and most deliberately choose to inspire,” Sappo elaborates. Through inspiration, true learning takes place and a love of learning is developed, leading to lifelong positive results in students.

For decades, students with anxiety have been recommended to the Sappo program by medical professionals throughout Long Island. These practitioners have witnessed the positive results that occur because of the atmosphere of the school and the consistency of the Holistic Education program. One doctor offered his recommendation over the phone, saying, “I am recommending your school because I myself can hardly believe the remarkable changes I see in the kids I have sent to you.”

Students receive services that include 1:1 and group counseling. Sappo School’s Peer Circle Group is added to the program, allowing students to process interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. All Sappo students soon begin to feel safe in the warm environment of the school and eventually transfer the newly found trust to the outside world with a strong sense of self and well-developed self-advocacy skills.

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