Sappo School Adopts Project Lead The Way Program

Sappo School Adopts Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Program to Better Prepare Students for Future Success

Commack, NYSappo School announced today that it will begin offering Project Lead The Way’s (PLTW) elementary school program, PLTW LaunchTM to students in grades K-5. PLTW is a nonprofit organization that provides a transformative learning experience for K-12 students and teachers, and Sappo School joins more than 8,000 schools across the U.S. in offering PLTW programs to students.

“PLTW has a long history of successfully engaging students in STEM subjects,” various teachers said. “We are excited to offer PLTW Launch to our students, giving them a chance to get excited about math, science, and STEM concepts and pursue these subjects as they continue their educational careers.”

Studies show that students decide as early as elementary school whether they like, and think they are good at, math and science. Recognizing that K-5 students already have the qualities of great makers and innovators, PLTW Launch taps into students’ exploratory nature, engages them in learning that feels like play, and encourages them to keep discovering – now and for years to come. Through PLTW Launch, Sappo School’s students will become problem solvers. Whether designing a car safety belt or building digital animations based on their own short stories, students engage in critical and creative thinking, build teamwork skills, and develop a passion for and confidence in STEM subjects.

“Project Lead The Way is proud to partner with Sappo School to excite and engage students in math and science from the earliest ages,” said PLTW President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Vince Bertram. “Together, we’re helping students make connections, understand how the world works, and develop a strong foundation that will prepare them for success in their education, and ultimately, their careers.”

Sappo School teachers completed training this summer in preparation for the new program. In addition to curriculum, PLTW provides high-quality professional development training that provides teachers with the support and resources they need to devote more time to inspiring students.

As a PLTW school, Sappo School is part of a community of K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and corporate and philanthropic partners across the country united around a passion for providing students with inspiring, engaging, and empowering learning opportunities. PLTW students are afforded a variety of opportunities including scholarships, preferred admission at colleges and universities, internships, industry connections, and avenues to highlight achievements.

For more information on Sappo School’s new PLTW Launch program or to set up a school visit, contact Joanna Adduci at 631-736-2146.

About PLTW Project Lead The Way (PLTW) is a nonprofit organization that provides a transformative learning experience for K-12 students and teachers across the U.S. PLTW empowers students to develop in-demand, transportable knowledge and skills through pathways in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science. PLTW’s teacher training and resources support teachers as they engage their students in real-world learning. More than 8,000 elementary, middle, and high schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia offer PLTW programs. For more information on Project Lead The Way, visit pltw.org.


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