Sappo School Reinvents the ‘Selfie’

IMG_3887It’s hard to miss the new “selfie” board outside of Ms. Lambert’s art class. Filled with bright, overstated pop art images of students and teachers alike, it’s just the beginning of the artwork that will soon line the hallways. Students are learning about artist, Roy Lichtenstein and his process of creating “hard-edged, precise compositions” using primary colors and Ben-Day dots – many resembling advertisements and comic books.

These optical-illumined images come to life as students work on shading and color placement. I watch as eyes light up in creative fervor as they begin to see their paintings come to life. While some students opt for intricate shading and detailed features, others take a more modern route: emphasizing the outlines and objective shapes they wish to highlight.

Students create their selfies through a detailed process that begins with a photograph. Ms. Lambert takes a photograph of each student then projects them onto the smartboard.

Next, the student traces the outline of their photograph onto paper which then serves as the foundation of the pop art inspired selfie. Students then work with their outline, using the primary colors, black and white paint and Ben-Day dots to create these seemingly life-like illustrations.

It’s a truly gratifying experience to witness the student’s illustrations come to life as they progress from mere drawings to vivid, kaleidoscopic portraits.

Next time you’re walking the halls at Sappo School, be sure to appreciate the vibrant, illustrious representations of our students. Ms. Lambert’s idea to utilize a pop art approach to reinvent the modern day selfie is something worth experiencing.

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