Sappo School Remembers Rosalind Joel

In recent days, everyone at Sappo School has been carrying heavy hearts following the passing of Rosalind Nyman Joel.

Mrs. Joel was best known to the general public as the mother of legendary Long Island musician Billy Joel. To those of us at Sappo School, she was a friend, a supporter, a donor, and, most importantly, grandmother to one of our own, 2002 Valedictorian and current Assistant Director Rebecca Molinari-Gehrkin.

A part of Mrs. Joel’s legacy will always live here at Sappo School, both through her own support and the support shown by her family. Billy Joel recently provided tickets to one of his sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden as a prize for our Graduation Day Chinese Auction. Her daughter, Judy, Rebecca’s mother, is a longtime friend and, of course, Rebecca has done more than anyone over the past ten-plus years for the benefit of the school.

Mrs. Joel lived a full life, marked by the impact she had on other people. Her commitment to loved ones, friends and education leaves a wonderful example for our students to aspire to. She was 92 years old.

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