Sappo School Teams Up With Online Marketplace “Farmigo”

Forget everything you think you know about school fundraising. Sappo School is teaming up with a farm to table online food community (a virtual marketplace if you will) in an effort to promote community, and transform the way we view and purchase our groceries. The concept is simple: do your weekly shopping online and pick up your groceries at the neighborhood pick up spot (in this case, our school!).

item3What separates it from online food delivery services like Peapod? It’s “farm to fridge” – in other words, there’s no middle man. The food is high quality organic, sustainable, local produce, prepared foods and baked goods – and comes straight from the farm to your table. According to TODAY Food, “ the company serves 15,000 families a month in New York City, New York State, Northern New Jersey and Northern California. It’s [also] expanding to Seattle in October.”

item7What’s even cooler about this organization is the support they provide the local farming industry. While the industry standard is “20 cents on the dollar, Farmigo pays farmers 60 cents for quality foods.” And unlike our neighborhood farmer markets, Farmigo is accessible more than 3 hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

You can browse products online, choose what you need and pick it up during the week. They offer fruits, vegetables, eggs, yogurt, meats, seafood, breads, sweets, snacks, prepared foods and “bundles”. Bundles are pre-prepared and combine an array of bestselling (or seasonal) items. For example, the Best Sellers Package combines free running large eggs, cauliflower, fresh mozzarella, apple cider, baguette and lavender cookies. (All for $31.19!)

item1Farmigo “helps local farms grow and thrive by providing a direct market for their goods”. The company also promotes a sense of community, and has the potential to transform the way we view and purchase our groceries. For more information, visit their website at www.farmigo.com or visit the main office for informational material.

[All images courtesy of www.farmigo.com]



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