Serving the Ronald McDonald House

It has once again proven to be true that “The most important thing in any relationship is not what you get but what you give.​.​.​In any case the giving of love is an education in itself.​” (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Our Culinary Committee headed by Mrs. Yoches and Mrs. Ferrannini truly displayed a most giving spirit last night. Students worked hard to prepare a feast at the Ronald Mcdonald House. They created the menu, gathered the ingredients, cooked, then served families staying at the home. After a long day at school, this committee of devoted students left for an evening filled with hard work. Yet, they came back happier than they were when they left. Why? In a world filled with hardship, it can uplift the spirit to help others. Such actions bring you out of the negative and into the positive. One of our “chefs”, Kaitlyn, bought a beautiful bracelet for Mrs. Yoches in gratitude for the experience, saying, “Thank you for giving me this memory and I want this bracelet to help you remember this day.​” Another student who did not really want to attend this function, was “encouraged to go” by his mother. When some complaining began, he and the others were reminded why they were there. There was a quiet hush.​.​.​then everyone burst into activity, this boy included. There was not one moment when a student stood useless. If something fell to the floor, quick hands retrieved it. There was nothing too menial or too great for this group. There was a little boy with a tumor on his face who won the hearts of our students and reminded them why they wanted to do this in the first place.

If you have ever worked in any kind of food service, you know that this work is very hard! Our student who did not want to be there, and who will remain nameless, worked with the same zeal and passion displayed by his classmates. At the end of the evening, he said to his teachers, “Thank you for giving me this day. Then, “Give me a hug, and now, don’t cry!​” He knew how proud Mrs. Yoches and Mrs. Ferrannini were of all them and that this brought out the tears.

Mrs. Ferrannini sent a letter home to parents highlighting the event. She writes, “Each student went above and beyond. Not one thing was left undone or behind schedule.​.​.​all students remained engaged and respectful.​.​the teachers were pulled aside by the tour guide and she emphasized what a great group of students we had.​.​.​a great number of compliments were given.​”

These teachers deserve our thanks for the devotion to our students and making them a part of such a meaningul project. They are bursting with pride in your children and would love to share these observations and feelings with you!

We thank Mr. Albano and Ms. Rose for assisting this committee.

Tomorrow the students want to share their feelings about this memorable event.

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