Student of the Month

blog 29Congratulations to Ben for earning Student of the Month. Ben states, “I started Sappo School about a year ago and, within this last year, I have made great improvements. My grades are higher and I have been staying out of trouble. Since switching to Sappo School, my attitude toward academics has become more attentive and focused. I now put a great deal of time and effort into my work. My teachers know I am a hard-worker and they can trust me. Along with academics, my attitude toward my future has come a long way, as well. I now have a clear idea of my options and what I would like to pursue after high school.
I believe I have been chosen to be Student of the Month because of the effort I have been putting into school. My attitude toward my teachers is always positive and respectful. I am accepting of constructive criticism and I enjoy learning in this environment. I have been adhering more to the rules of the school and I respect the laws that are set out to keep us safe. Also, I have been participating in extra-curricular activities, namely Student Government in which I am the vice president. With this role, I am able to be a voice for the student body and be a role model for younger students.
Any student is capable of achieving Student of the Month through being diligent in their studies and participating in school activities. Maintaining a good, positive attitude toward others is a must for all students, and definitely a big part of achieving Student of the Month. I would like to thank the staff for awarding me Student of the Month and hope to continue to make them proud.​”

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