Students Help Animals

blog 32The Holistic Friday Community Service group is group of students dedicated to improving the lives of others and making our community a better one to live in. The students generated many ideas for projects, but everyone unanimously agreed to first focus on animals.
As a group we executed a donation drive for the Brookhaven Animal Shelter. The students made flyers collected and sorted donations and spent hours making toys for the animals in the shelter. On March 14 we had an opportunity to visit the shelter. We were given a tour and the animal shelter was described to us in detail. The students came well prepared with questions, donations and thank you cards for the shelter workers. The animal shelter was extremely grateful that our donations would benefit the 120 plus dogs and cats in the shelter.
Each student was recognized by the shelter with a certificate, and the students left with a sens e of pride and satisfaction knowing that their efforts would truly help the homeless and/​or lost animals at the Brookaven Animal Shelter.

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