The Spirit of Giving by Dennis Baade

blog 40If you’ve visited the Sappo Facebook page in the last few days, you’ve probably noticed students showing their school spirit in some pretty interesting ways.

While you have doubtlessly developed a deep admiration at the ability of these young men and women (for many of you, your sons and daughters) to look like complete nerds and wear mismatched socks, that doesn’t quite get at where their true spirit lies.

Before they were busy dressing up as superheroes this week, these seemingly ordinary young people put forth a superhuman display of giving this fall.

In conjunction with their cooking trip to the Ronald McDonald House in New Hyde Park, Sappo students raised over $400 for the Ronald McDonald House by selling tiles, many with your names on them, on our Wall of Love sign. The Sappo School Student Government also raised over $300 to support student activities at the school through their own student run bake sale.

So, while Sappo School students may look pretty snappy in their pajamas, their real spirit lies not in their dress sense, but in their generosity. That’s true not just for Spirit Week, special occasions and this festive time of the year. It’s something they display every day.

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